Best Of Both Worlds


Luca Santaniello-drums

It was during a tour in South America, in summer 2011, that the band “Best of Both Worlds” was created. Pianist Donald Vega, double-bassist Clovis Nicolas and drummer Luca Santaniello brought the exciting and swinging sounds of the New York jazz scene on the latin stages, and they immediately witnessed a powerful response from the audiences. The magic happened!

Clovis Nicolas - bass

The concept? To create a dialogue between the two American cultures, the North and the South. To mix the seductive, powerful acoustic sounds of Jazz with the haunting melodies and soulful rhythms from Latin music. Tunes like “La Piragua”, “Llora mi nena” by La Famelia Valeria Miranda or “Muito a Vontage” by pianist Joao Donato take another turn when interpreted with the cohesiveness and the fresh sounds of the New York based trio. Vice-versa, jazz classics such as “Dolphin Dance” by Herbie Hancock or “Whisper Not” by Benny Golson get a second youth when played with a powerful dance rhythm to them.

Donald Vega - piano

Donald is from Nicaragua, Clovis from France and Luca from Italy. After their South American experience, they decided to explore the multiple possibilities of a sound that would combine the best musical aspects of both worlds. The latin universe they all come from, the one they share with the South American audiences; and the world they now live in, inspired by all the great jazz musicians from in New York, the jazz capital of the world. This creates a unique 100% acoustic music, with reminiscences of latin groves executed with tasteful arrangements, all performed by some of the most talented musicians on the scene today.

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  Listen to MP3s of “Best Of Both Worlds”                                                                     01 Spanish Song                                                                                                                  02 Eu sei que vou te amar                                                                                                    03 Tuna, Mayari, Guantanamo                                                                                            04 Besame Mucho                                                                                                              05 Pereira Blues                                                                                                                    06 Dolphin Dance                                                                                                                  07 Blue Bossa                                                                                                                      08 Green Chimneys

 Watch Video of Best Of Both Worlds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Blue Bossa    Live in Pereira -Colombia                                                                    

Autumn Leaves   Live in Pereira-Colombia                                                                  

Green Chimneys   Live In Pereira-Colombia                                                      

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